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If there is any show whose episode “reviews” I can’t bring myself to care about, it’s Castle.

This fandom has so many people with so many axes to grind against every character and storyline and actor, I can’t trust anything they say. Not going to even bother reading them. I’ll wait until the 29th and decide for myself. Until then, I’ll live my actual life.

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wait in what commentary is it assumed that Beckett and Esposito had a thing?




Need to Know. It’s done in character, and Ryan asks Esposito if he’d like to talk about their history and Espo says no, if was a few years ago and he’s had time to get over it. 

Wow this hiatus is a just shitshow of characterisation/writing decisions that are terrible.

I’m going to have to listen to it for myself, first, but I’m going stick my head in the sand and pretend that doesn’t refer to romantic history at all (or it’s a meta joke, and doesn’t count as canon, whatever).

Full transcript: 

Esposito: All right, this is a little weird seeing Castle and Beckett in bed. 

Ryan: It really is, it gives us sort of a….it’s sort of like watching your parents have sex for the first time. 

Esposito: Yeah 

(talking over Espo) Ryan: It’s sort of astonishing. 

Esposito: Well with the history between me and Beckett, it’s just always a little weird to think about it. 

Ryan: Right, right. No, I imagine it is kind of strange to see her with another guy. 

Esposito: Yeah.

Ryan: But you’ve had a few years to get over it so it’s kind of alright. 

Esposito: A few years, a few girls. 

Ryan: And this happened way before I got there, right?

Esposito: Yeah, way before. 

Ryan: Tell us a little about that story. Go ahead. 

Esposito: Nah, I don’t want to get into that right now. 

Ryan: You don’t want to talk about it?

(Esposito laughs) 

Ryan: You sure? This is your forum. 

Esposito: Yeah. 


#most casual disarming of a suspect ever

THIS. THIS SCENE. It was so early on, but it was such a shining example of Kate Beckett’s character and strengths as a cop. She could have hauled her up on her feet and cuffed her right there. But instead she saw a girl in mourning and just…talked. Sometimes it doesn’t take a big, bad threat. Sometimes it just takes someone who cares.

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Castle 7.01 “Driven” - sneak peek 2 [HD] 

Whoa, Bowman went nuts with the visuals, didn’t he? What an artist! (My heart hurts)